Vastu in general means dwelling or living. It is used in case of living in a home which is also an abode of god. Vastu shastra is based on different energies which come from different sources which include, the sun, cosmic energy sources, lunar energy, light energy, wind energy, magnetic energy and so on. These energies are believed to increase and balance the peace, success and prosperity. The vastru shastra says that, if a house is made according to certain rules of the shastra the inmates of the house enjoy a happy and prosperous life. All the problems related to household issues or domestic problems stay away. 

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Vastu is a very sacred aspect and it has numerous effects on your home. The floor plans, directional guidelines etc. are all guided by the shastra and by obeying all the rules and advices of the shastra you will be having a perfect residence or an abode where you will live with god.