Vastu is traditional system of architecture which actually translates to science of architecture and ancients teachings from Indian civilisation. It offers with the technology of the architecture and tells how a building should be planned to channelize the effective power in our lives.

With a professional background in architecture, human energetics, environment, and a strong interest in quantum physics, Vastu Veteran is a design consultant based in India specializing in contemporary architecture & vastu shastra for residential and professional spaces. We draws upon our various fields of expertise to provide our clients with innovative solutions for transforming their spaces into places of balance, harmony, and beauty.

We offer interior rectification vastu remedies to remove vastu dosha from your premises. We help convert the cosmic energies into material benefits for the residents of the Vastu based home. It creates a rhythm and balance in the building to ensure a qualitatively better life for the inmates.

We can detect the flaw through the science of Vastu shastra but we can rectify it with the science. Vastu remedies for home, office helps to energize the place with the use of yantras. We are here to offer quality services to clients and help them to get rid from vastu dosha. Our experienced analysers have enough knowledge about different kinds of Vastu Dosha and give solutions accordingly. You can discuss your vastu issues with our professionals to get right answers of your problems.  Our professionals help to run your business without any vastu hurdle.