The meaning of Vastu is energy balance, Our subconscious mind gets energy from Vastu. Have you noticed that in our dreams we see whole things which we have not noticed from our necked eyes.

Because our subconscious mind notice everything. A healthy mind lives in healthy body and a healthy body requires peace in house. If there is no peace so nobody can live healthy so Vastu is the way to balance the energy in house. Vastu means balance the five elements energy in a house and it creates good vibes. A house have good vibes is just like heaven, The people who lives in Vastu balanced house they live healthy they earn good and they maintain relationship, Means Peace Toatal Peace in Life.

Generally we think we have only one environment one ecosystem nooo. Every house have its own environment and its own ecosystem, Its like little Universe under a roof. In our house we are separated to outer environment because walls are like a barrier, it creates separation from natural environment So its our responsibility that we have to create a good natural balance in our house. Vastu means balance of five elements Water, Air, Space, Fire & Earth. In house we have 10 directions and every direction have its own energy, So balancing of these five elements in these 10 directions is Vastu. If any element in any house is less or more so that creates related issue, That can affect health, harmony, Income, Education, relationships and social image. So Vastu balance is very important to balance our internal environment, internal ecosystem of house.